You have a chance to play as a charisma protagonist by name Chrono Fox – sly golden eggs Hunter! You will track down a prey, travel through time on your chrono-bike.

Every time you end up in different thematic epoch!
Gameplay is simple and understandable: tap the screen, pop the ducks, collect golden eggs, score the points and go to the Record!!  

Robo TAP

Meet, here is a charismatic mechanical dancer named Robo. As you have already guessed, fiery dance is his main passion. But besides, Robo likes traveling and dressing up in a variety of colorful costumes.

Help him with this funny activity!
Match the background and complete his latest thematic image!


A local group of hungry brutal Birds has kidnapped a Granny! But they failed to realize that she has a granddaughter with a vengeance! RedHat spends hours in the gym! She is an expert in hand-to-hand fight, and dozens of weapons! She is a Real Superhero of our time! Someone will catch
it now ...

Help to restore justice! Play for RedHat and spifflicate with feathered hooligans and their accomplices.